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Shiki is a JavaScript syntax highlighter ideal for server-side rendering. Shiki uses the same TextMate grammar that powers VS Code. I’ve found it to produce much better results than Hightlight.js and Prism.js.

The internet used to be ✨fun✨

Adorn your rose-tinted glasses and check out Rachel Kwon’s collection of articles that opine for the old days of the internet.

Learn and Test DMARC

An interactive tool to test SPF, DKIM, and DMARC email security with guided results. This could be quite educational if email configuration confuses you. Alternatively, can provide the same results quicker without The Matrix references.

Where I’m at on the whole CSS-Tricks thing

Chris Coyier’s post-mortem of CSS-Tricks sale to DigitalOcean. CSS-Tricks is among the pantheon of web resources, alongside MDN and Stack Overflow, that every developer discovers looking for help. It’s such a shame how DigitalOcean have treated it. One can only hope the existing content and URLs are kept alive.


RSS is alive and well as @paulcuth proves. This little web tool searches your fediverse handle and surfaces RSS feeds in your neighbourhood.