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A tech layoff tracker created by Roger Lee with data from thousands of companies since 2022.

An Interactive Guide to CSS Container Queries

Ahmad Shadeed delivers another comprehensive guide with interactive demos for CSS Container Queries. Learn why they’re so useful compared to CSS media queries.

Testing HTML With Modern CSS

I like Heydon Pickering’s use of CSS selectors to highlight HTML anti-patterns such as anchors that are missing href attributes.

Offscreen Canvas and Web Workers

I’ve written a guide to using OffscreenCanvas in a Service Worker. Off-screen canvas can be used to resize images before they’re cached. The API is available in Web Workers unlike the original DOM canvas element.

JavaScript Signals standard proposal

Rob Eisenberg and Daniel Ehrenberg present a Stage 0 proposal to standard signals. Signals are a concept that modern UI libraries have settled on to manage state and update UI components. Rob’s blog post has more details. Stage 0 means it’s an early idea; something to get the conversation started. I’m eager to see how this evolves.

Dead Simple Sites

A curated gallery of minimal websites. The collection specifically avoids scroll-jacking and too much animation.

The WebAIM Million

The 2024 report on the accessibility of the top 1,000,000 home pages — spoiler: it’s a rather bleak state of affairs. The “G” in WCAG stands for “guidelines” but “an average of 56.8 errors per page” suggests those guidelines are not even read.

JavaScript Visualized: Promise Execution

Lydia Hallie presents an excellent guide to Promises with a look into the internal workings of JavaScript’s event loop and task queues. Available both in video and blog post form.

AI Robots

An open list of known AI robot user-agents. Should you wish to block them with robots.txt (if they respect it and it isn’t already too late). More can be found at Dark Visitors.