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Where I’m at on the whole CSS-Tricks thing

Chris Coyier’s post-mortem of CSS-Tricks sale to DigitalOcean. CSS-Tricks is among the pantheon of web resources, alongside MDN and Stack Overflow, that every developer discovers looking for help. It’s such a shame how DigitalOcean have treated it. One can only hope the existing content and URLs are kept alive.


RSS is alive and well as @paulcuth proves. This little web tool searches your fediverse handle and surfaces RSS feeds in your neighbourhood.

Camera Drone vs F1 Car

Incredible footage from the Red Bull YouTube channel. This drone from Dutch Drone Gods reaches 350 km/h.

Serverless Horrors

I’ve always found Serverless to be a rather glaring misnomer. How can you quantify something that doesn’t exist? The answer is: expensively. This small blog shares a few serverless horror stories — oops!

Open Letter to Tim Cook, Sabotaging Web Apps Is Indefensible

Open Web Advocacy calls out Apple for degrading the web experience on iOS. We encourage Apple to engage with all stakeholders urgently, transparently, and in good faith to restore and enhance these essential capabilities.

Water cooling is overkill for Pi 5

Jeff Geerling puts an absurd but cute $120 Raspberry Pi 5 water cooling kit to the test. Ignoring the upfront cost, this kit’s size and energy usage are nonsensical. But isn’t that what tinkering with a homelab Pi is all about? It’s a shame the Pi 4 and 5 practically require active cooling.

Okay, Color Spaces

Eric Portis provides a colourful guide to colour spaces, colour gamuts, and the new CSS colour functions. The interactive visual illustrations make the scary math palatable.