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a view source web

Garry Ing presents an interactive article about the history of observable web development with clever presentation.

Runtime compatibility

JavaScript API compatibility across runtimes like Node, Deno, Bun, and the various Worker environments. The data is auto-generated and doesn’t promise to be 100% accurate but still a good resource.


HTMX is a refreshing alternative to the myriad JavaScript UI frameworks. HTML is rendered on the server and sent as-is to the browser. HTMX does the plumbing using attribute directives. Bring your own server-side framework.

Local First Podcast

A new podcast hosted by Johannes Schickling discussing the idea of local-first software. Similar to offline-first and self-hosting, local-first is specifically focused on keeping data and functionality on device ensuring it remains open and working regardless of connectivity.

WinterJS 1.0

A new JavaScript runtime reaches 1.0. WinterJS is WinterCG compatible (an effort towards API interoperability). It’s based on Mozilla’s SpiderMonkey, written in Rust and uses Tokio. And guess what — it’s faster! Like everything ever published for JavaScript it’s faster.

Announcing Speedometer 3.0

Browser vendors have collaborated to develop the Speedometer 3.0 test. Safari on my MacBook Air M2 clocks a pathetic 14.5, Firefox hits 21, and Brave smokes at 29. As expected except my iPhone 12 hits 18.9 beating the laptop. More details on the WebKit blog.

HTTP/2 and HTTP/3 explained

Alexandre H.T.R. Bonfitto explains the new HTTP versions with plenty of diagrams, codes, and references. On reliable and stable connections, HTTP/2 many times offers better performance than HTTP/3. — interesting!

Better Syntax Highlighting

My blog post where I discuss implementing the Shiki syntax highlighter with with extra styles to improve code presentation.